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Smart Water for Agriculture Program: Sprinkles test report




SNV Kenya, Smart Water for Agriculture Program (SWA), carried out a test on various Sprinkles with the purpose is to obtain technical information about the performance of a number of sprinklers commonly used by Kenyan SME farmers, in order to evaluate their performance, and to be able to advise farmers about what sprinklers are suitable for their irrigation situation.

Every individual farmer has its own unique situation, in terms of field size, crop choices and cropping patterns. There is high variation in types and characteristics of their water supply situations. Some have piped gravity systems and directly connect the sprinkler to these pipes. Others have elevated storage tanks feeding the field pipes with a rather constant pressure, and again others connect their sprinklers to a fuel or solar pump. For each situation, a different sprinkler may be chosen. However, in this test SWA concentrated on low pressure sprinklers that can be fitted to solar pumps and/or piped systems in (for example) Meru. Usually, fuel pumps produce higher pressures than the pressure ranges that we will evaluate, and other types of sprinklers may then be used.

For more information, download the full report from the link:Sprinkler test reports

SWA is a 4-year program implemented by a Consortium of partners that consist of SNV Kenya, MetaMeta, The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Practica Foundation and Aqua for All. The program aims to improve food security through optimized water availability and efficiency by small and medium farmers and businesses. SWA promotes more effective irrigation development jointly with farmers, and interaction, joint learning, coordination and cooperation among stakeholders involved in the development of farmer-led irrigation.


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