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  1. Kenya Gazette Supplement No.183 (National Assembly Bills NoA6) The Irrigation Bill, 2017. IrrigationBill_2017
  2. Charles Batchelor, Julian Schnetzer “Compendium on Climate-Smart Irrigation. Concepts, evidence and options for a climate smart approach to improving the performance of irrigated cropping systems” compendium_CS Irrigation : 
  3. The climate change policy 2017 was developed to facilitate a coordinated, coherent and effective response to the local, national and global challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.  This Policy therefore aims to enhance adaptive capacity and build resilience to climate variability and change, while promoting a low carbon development pathway. Download Climate-Change-Framework-Policy(May2017) PDF
  4. Van de Giessen, E,  Muriithi V.G,  Vuik, R , Muturi, J.W, Oggema S.W, “The Sprinkler test report” The purpose of this report is to obtain technical information about the performance of a number of sprinklers commonly used by Kenyan SME farmers, in order to evaluate their performance, and to be able to advise farmers about what sprinklers are suitable for their irrigation situation. Sprinkler test reports
  5. Francis Z. Karina. Alex Wambua Mwaniki: IRRIGATION AGRICULTURE IN KENYA:Impact of the Economic Stimulus Programme and Long-term Prospects for Food Security in an Era of Climate Change.   irrigation_agriculture_in_kenya__impact_of_esp_and_food_security
  6. The Malabo Montpellier Panel. WATER-WISE:Smart Irrigation Strategies for Africa.The Malabo Montpellier Panel’s report, Water-Wise: Smart Irrigation Strategies for Africa, summarizes the key findings of a systematic analysis of what six African countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Niger and South Africa – at the forefront of progress on irrigation have done right. The report has identified a set of policies and practices which, if brought to scale, could significantly improve the resilience and livelihoods of rural communities and spur overall agricultural growth and transformation in Africa. By adapting these lessons to countries’ specific contexts and scaling them up across the continent, African governments can meet their national and international commitments to agricultural growth and transformation.   WaterWise_Smart_Irrigation_Strategies_for_Africa