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We are absolutely delighted to announce the new call for applications for our Expert Groups!

Have you got an idea about how to make our food systems more sustainable and strengthen our food security? Do you have in mind people who would make a good team for realizing your idea? Yes?!

Then fill in the application for our Expert Group funding, following the terms of reference and get ready to put your thoughts to practice!

SIANI Expert Groups are cross-sector working groups established around our vision and mission:

  • SIANI’s overall vision is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2 “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture”.
  • SIANI’s mission is to: “Promote a multi-sector dialogue, with participation from academia, the private sector, Swedish authorities and civil society surrounding SDG 2”.

Our Expert Groups are manageable interdisciplinary groups whose purpose is to support dialogues that capture, develop, consolidate and communicate knowledge on emerging issues contributing to our vision. The Expert Groups widen the network by nurturing interaction between the Swedish Resource Base and SIANI connections across the World. Expert Groups have shown to be effective in facilitating cross-sector work and make an indispensable contribution to the SIANI platform – facilitating the realization of sustainable agriculture, food security, improved nutrition and the ending of hunger.

For submissions and questions please contact Matthew Fielding, Deputy Director, SIANI.  Join us for a Q&A webinar in the 4th July at 12:00 CET.  Sign up here!

Deadline for proposal submission is 23:59 CET August 16, 2019.

Download the application template and terms of reference 


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