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Solar Powered Irrigation key to achieving sustainable irrigation in Africa.

Although irrigation in Africa has the potential to boost agricultural productiveness by at least 50 percent, food production on the continent is almost entirely rain fed. Africa has 65% of the world’s uncultivated arable land but produces only 15% of global agricultural output. Smallholder farms produce on average 50% less output per acre than their global counterparts. The area equipped for irrigation, currently slightly more than 13 million hectares, makes up just 6 percent of the total cultivated area. There is a great irrigation potential in Africa that need to be unlocked by use of Smart solution like use of solar powered irrigation. Energy is crucial for achieving almost all of the Sustainable Development Goals, from its role in the eradication of poverty through advancements in health, education, water supply and industrialization, to combating climate change. read more

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