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Laikipia I.A.P

In May 2017, Laikipia County irrigated agriculture stakeholders officially launched the LCIAP. The recent droughts in the County had brought home the need to become “smart” in managing water. The drought situation in the County called for immediate action on
managing water for agriculture. SNV identified the Laikipia Wildlife Forum, the secretariat for Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership, to establish and host the Laikipia County IAP. Establishing a sustainable Laikipia County IAP is one of the key results areas of the Smart
Water for Agriculture (SWA) program implemented in the Kenya through SNV Kenya lead.

The IAP is the vehicle to facilitate stakeholder coordination,resource mobilization, promoting and profiling smart water solutions, creating business linkages, sharing knowledge, learning and experience. In the County, the IAP reaches out to farmers through defined clusters. These are the Mia Moja, Likii, Thome, Marura, Wiyumiririe, and Kiamariga. To date, the Partnership has attracted participation and membership from diverse constituents drawn from small-holder farmers and farmer organizations, business in the in-put and out-put chain, service providers, financial institutions, policy and regulatory bodies. The IAP database currently has 2,708 members.
The IAP has consolidated its governance structure.

The Platform is governed by 17 committee members, who are drawn from representative of key stakeholder groups. The committee is chaired by Laikipia County Director of Agriculture. The LCIAP committee is anchored within MKEWP Council and drives matters related to irrigated agriculture. The LCIAP Committee meets quarterly for joint planning, monitoring and reporting.


To increase water productivity and farmers income in irrigated agriculture, Laikipia County

Core IAP Partners

  • Laikipia county Government
  • SNV Kenya
  • Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership,
  • The International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank
  • Wetlands International
  • Fauna and Flora International (FFI)

Key activities

  • Laikipia County Irrigation Acceleration Platform Quarterly meeting
  • Cluster meetings
  • Farmers Field Days
  • Training
  • Participation In Networking And Collaboration Forums
  • Creating Business Linkages In The County


September 2018

  1. Maina’s Farmers Field Day: Leading small holder farmers are increasingly being used to demonstrate technology and motivate other smallholder farmers within the County. These individuals are helped to host Farmer Field Days so as to share experience and success in adopting smart water solutions. In these cases, farmers from farmers who continuously experiment, adapt and innovate. This approach has obvious benefits for extension of the technology and taking it to scale. Extension learning is
    Participants at Maina’s farm, Nturukuma, Laikipia East
    Participants at Maina’s farm, Nturukuma, Laikipia East

    augmented through exhibitions from service providers, and policy and regulatory bodies are available for information and advice. Maina is one such model farmer. He hosted a field day on September 9, 2018 at his farm in Likii cluster, Nturukuma. The field day was attended by (108 men, 94 women) farmers, 10 service providers, 8 officers from the County government, and 4 staff from MKEWP.

  2. SACCO Sensitization in Laikipia County – KUSCCO: Following the KUSSCO training for the Siraji SACCO board, the IAP in consultation with SNV found it necessary to create awareness on the smart water loan product to other established SACCOs operating in the county. As a follow up, a sensitization meeting was convened targeting 50 SACCOs within the County. The training conducted on September 14, 2018 at Beisa Hotel, Nanyuki was attended by 42 participants from various SACCO established and or based in the County. The participants acquired knowledge of the new loan product with KUSSCO and agreed to sensitize their members on the product. If necessary, interested SACCOs would follow up with KUSSCO for extended training to their members.

August 2018

Farmers at Kehenya’s Farm in Burguret, Laikipia Central
Farmers at Kehenya’s Farm in Burguret, Laikipia Central
  1. Kahenya’s Farmer Field Day:  Organized along the same rationale as Maina’s Field Day and targeted farmers from western andcentral parts of Laikipia County. It was held on August 25, 2018 at Kahenya’s farm. This was attended by (137 men, 98 women) farmers, 8 service providers, 4 County government officials, and 3 staff members of the IAP host. 

July 2018

  1. Kisima Farmers Field Day: Kisima Farmers Field Day is one of the LCIAP valuable calendar events where farmers learn about the application of various smart water technologies. For example, 40 farmers who 10 attended last year’s Kisima Farmer Field Day have adopted quarter-acre drip irrigation technology at farm level as demonstrated in the Kisima demo site.   
    Blessing Women Group farmers learning about solar pump, July 19, 2018, Kisima Farmers Field Day
    Blessing Women Group farmers learning about solar pump, July 19, 2018, Kisima Farmers Field Day

    On July 19, 2018, the IAP host assisted 56 (24 women, 32 men) lead farmers to participate in Farmers’ Field Day at Kisima Farmers Learning Center, where they gained knowledge on technologies and techniques for improving water productivity at farm level.

  2. Siraji SACCO sensitization on smart water loan: MKEWP attended the one-day training facilitated by KUSSCO, on July 10, 2018, at Old House Hotel, Nanyuki. The meeting was planned to create awareness to Siraji Sacco board members on the new smart water
    Davis and Shirtliff and Sun culture demonstrate smart water technologies to Sirraji Board members during the training on July 10, 2018 at Old House Hotel, Nanyuki.
    Davis and Shirtliff and Sun culture demonstrate smart water technologies to Sirraji Board
    members during the training on July 10, 2018 at Old House Hotel, Nanyuki.

    loan product created by KUSSCO in collaboration with SNV. The smart water loan product provides loans to smallholder farmers in their own SACCO, at good lending rates, specifically to purchase solar and other irrigation products that would help increaseon-farm water productivity. The solar and irrigation technologies available for funding through this loan scheme were demonstrated to the Siraji SACCO board members by Davis and Shirtliff and Sunculture. The Siraji SACCO Board members were challenged to grab this opportunity and to ensure their members benefit through this collaboration between KUSSCO and SNV/SWA.

May 2018

Laikipia County Inaugural Water Conference: 

Mwoboko women group from Likii Cluster with IAP host during the conference
Mwoboko women group from Likii Cluster with IAP host during the conference

The IAP host (MKEWP) exhibited at the Inaugural Laikipia Water Conference held on the 17th and 18th of May at the Nanyuki Sports Club. Over the two-day conference, MKEWP showcased programs implemented with the support of its membership including the SWA
funded by SNV. The Watershed program, funded through Wetlands International, and the Cattle, Livestock and Water Program, funded through Fauna and Flora International were also featured. At the MKEWP stand, attendees were informed about the Partnership’s
collective actions with member in integrated water resource management, since its inception in 2016 and efforts towards increasing water productivity at farm levels. The IAP host was joined by its collaborators and members who showcased innovative water management and conservation solutions. Notably, these include: SunCulture, Ngusishi Water Resource User Association, and Centre for Training and Integrated Research in ASAL Development (CETRAD). 

During the Launch, the County Governor emphasized on the need for sustainable water supply to for enhanced agricultural production and announced County plans to construct 3 mega dams at Nanyuki, Rumuruti and Wiyumiririe, to increase water availability within the