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Machakos IAP

Inades Formation (IF) is a pan African organization working in ten (10) African Countries; Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Cote D’Ivoire, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Togo and DR Congo. It was first started in Cote d’Ivoire on 1st January 1962.  Then it spread to the other countries.  It was first introduced in Kenya in 1978 and registered as a company limited by guarantee.  In 1993 it was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with mandate to work anywhere in Kenya for Social and Economic Development.

In Kenya, up to the year 2012 Inades-Formation Kenya was Governed by an advisory Management Committee and was operating as National Office establishment of the headquarters. After several managerial evaluations, Inades-Formation Kenya satisfied the Governing Council which is the highest governing authority in IF Network and was allowed to form its National Association. This caused the organization to change its name from Inades-Formation International Kenya office to Inades-Formation Kenya. The organization is now governed by a Board of Directors whose members are based in Kenya.

Inades-Formation Kenya set up a functioning Irrigation Acceleration Platform (IAP) in Machakos County. The IAP facilitates multi-stakeholder collaboration, where supply and demand side meet and interact, where innovation will be supported to more adequately satisfy the needs of SME farmers, and where private sector, farming communities and actors of the enabling environment engage

Project Goal:  The targeted communities are Food secure


  1. Food Security through enhanced water use efficiency
  2. Water use efficiency is improved.

Target Locations

Smart water solutions identified by the IAP will be implemented in Machakos County specifically in Yatta Sub-County – Yeemwatu and Katangi locations, Mwala Sub county – Mango location, Kathiani Sub-County – Kathaana location and Kangundo Sub-County – Kiliku Valley.

Core IAP Partners

  1. County Government of Machakos
  2. Smart Water Solution (SWS) technology providers
  3. Financial Service providers (Banks, SACCOS’ and Insurance organizations)
  4. Commodity Market off-takers
  5. Small to Medium agri-Enterprise (SME) farmers (1/4 to 12 acres)
  6. Inades-Formation Kenya – The Machakos IAP host

Key activities

  1. Farmer learning field day

Farmer learning and exposure field days create a forum where different stakeholders meet and exchange ideas, knowhow and information on existing goods and services available in the market.

  1. Demonstrations and peer learning

To create practical learning and skills exchange, The IAP creates demonstration centers where farmers participate in joint learning and sharing of information

  1. Trainings and workshops

Different demand driven trainings and workshops bring together different partners are held for participating farmers within the IAP clusters

  1. Stakeholder networking forum
  • Stakeholder networking forums bring together different actors within same cluster who come and meet farmers
  • Different stakeholders showcase their goods, inputs and services to farmers
  • Farmers create network with the service providers to access their service with ease
  • Two networking forums for Masinga ward and Ekalakala ward bringing together about 76 farmers and 11 service providers and 9 government extension service providers

Future Plans

In a bid to ensure the project is sustainable beyond the end of the project cycle in June 2019. The Machakos IAP team are working on four key points:

  • Extension officers to provide pivotal point of the IAP
  • Host organization to work hand in hand with all stakeholders
  • IAP to address interest of all participating stakeholders
  • The objective to be well understood at stakeholder entry point


September 2018

Yatta farmer learning and exposure field dayFarmer learning and exposure field days create a forum whereby farmers gain knowledge, knowhow and practical experience on existence and usage of different farm utilities. Through such forums farmers are able to share and exchange ideas while at the same

Farmers at learning field day
Farmers at learning field day

time opportunity to compare different packages from different service and good providers. During the Yatta field day which was held on 12th September 2018, farmers drawn from the extensive Yatta furrow met and interacted at length with different value chain stakeholders who included,

  1. Agro- dealers- Agrodealers included
  2. Financial service providers
  3. Technology providers
  4. Market off takers
  5. Extension service providers